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Sony’s PSVR 2 makes its controllers talk with a new patent


While the new virtual tool has disappeared from radar for some time. A new patent published recently provides new information on the hand detection system.

The PSVR 2 did you miss? well Sony comes to give a little booster shot via a new patent published very recently – December 2, 2021 -. And this lingers on the device detection system.

As you can see above, we see the outline of a controller where several points are developed and in particular some innovations which aim to improve the hand detection system. To do this, many LEDs are scattered on the controller and they will be detected by a camera.

The present invention improves the stability of detection of an electroluminescent unit using a camera. This input device (100) has a region to be tracked in which a plurality of H light emitting units are arranged. The region to be pursued comprises: a rear section to be pursued (31A) which is positioned behind actuating elements (13, 14, 15) in a side view; and a chasing front part (31B) which is positioned in front of the chasing rear part (31A) and extends in a different direction from the chasing rear part (31A).

In addition, as mentioned in the document which is mainly written in Japanese, we learn that the helmet would have a front camera. All combined together would therefore make it possible to detect your movements with precision.

As shown in Figure 1, the input device 100 is used, for example, with a head-mounted display (HMD) 2. The user carries the HMD 2 on his head and holds the input device 100 in his right hand. and / or left hand. The HMD 2 has a front facing camera.

You just have to hope for one thing to complete the immersion, that the PSVR 2 benefits from the same features as the DualSense on PS5. To know adaptive triggers and aptic returns.

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