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soon a DLC with Michael? News @VGR


Does Ned Luke have a message for us? In any case, this is what his Tweet suggests concerning his character in GTA V.

The contractthe free update for GTA Online rolling out in December 2021, allowed players to solo and multi player to embark on a new adventure alongside Dr. Dre, DJ Pooh and Lamar Davisbut above all franklin clinton.

With the return of one of the three protagonists of the Rockstar Games blockbuster, in the skin of the director of F. Clinton & Partner, the agency always ready to help the rich celebrities of Los Santos, the question now arises to see to come back also Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips in a dedicated episode.

Fans of the title are eagerly awaiting this. Already that The Contract hinted a visit from Trevor to Franklinthe new-gen version of GTA V on PS5 and Xbox Series (we invite you to consult our test), with a standalone version of GTA Online that the New York studio seeks to revitalize, reinforces this hope.

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And that’s not the video shared on Twitter by Ned Luke, the actor playing Michael, who will bring down the hype, quite the contrary. This actually refers to the retirement of his character, which he did not imagine as such. And to the question of Return of Michael in DLC Asked in comment, he simply replied with a shrugwhich therefore leaves the door wide open to this possibility.

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