Home News Soul Hackers 2 is full of videos and shows us its demons

Soul Hackers 2 is full of videos and shows us its demons


The umpteenth game from the Shin Megami Tensei universe, like Persona 5, Soul Hackers 2 presents its world and its demons to us in several videos.

Expected for August 26 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox OneSoul Hackers 2 is revealed regularly through short videos to tour its protagonists and antagonists, but also the demons that we will have to face.

Like an air of Persona 5 and Shin Megami Tensei 5

Soul Hackers can count on the SMT universe from which it comes to guarantee it an XXL bestiary. Of course, there will be exclusive enemies, bosses in particular, but also and above all a whole bunch of demons well known to aficionados who cut their teeth on Shin Megami Tensei or even Persona.

Among these, you can for example come across Bicorn, Titania, Black Frost or even Quetzalcoatlall presented here in different videos.

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As a reminder, Soul Hackers 2 will offer us to embody a group of heroes fighting to save the world from the apocalypse in a whimsical cyber-futuristic universe full of demons.

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