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Soul Hackers 2 presents one of its heroes: Milady


After the broadcast of the videos centered on its demons, Soul Hackers 2 now reveals one of its heroes: Milady.

Spin-off from Shin Megami Tenseilike the series personas, Soul Hackers gradually unveils its second opus with a view to an upcoming release (August 26, 2022) on consoles and PC (Steam). Having only just shown off its demons, Atlus’ game now returns to show off one of its heroes: Milady.

Agent of the Phantom Society, she is killed by her own allies. Back to life thanks to the ability to ringo, she will decide to join forces with her benefactress and will try to find out the reason for her murder. Deciding with reason and not with emotion, she comes across as a heartless individual.

Fighting with COMP who are similar to sai Milady with strong affinities with fire skills.

Milady (performed by Ami Koshimizu)

  • Organization: Society of Ghosts
  • Height: 175cm
  • Hobby: Collecting spices
  • Favorite Food: Wonton Noodles
  • Favorite Place: Izakaya in Karakucho
  • Current Obsession: Late Night Movies in Karakucho
  • What Made Me Laugh Lately: Arrow’s Idealistic Thinking
  • Concerns: Arrow’s Lifestyle
  • Birthday: July 24

An agent of the Phantom Society, another Devil Summoner faction. She is killed by her own allies for unknown reasons. She is resurrected by Ringo’s soul hack, and decides to work with her to find out why she was killed. Calm and composed, she acts with logic and efficiency, which sometimes leads her to make decisions that others might consider heartless. It seems to have something to do with his past.

Milady’s COMP: Stigma

Milady attacks using a sai type COMP. She has a high aptitude for fire skills, and her firepower is superior to that of others. With a high intelligence, she will learn as she grows skills to attack and recover MP simultaneously.

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