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Spawn director hopes for a video game adaptation


The movie hasn’t been released yet, but director Todd McFarlane is already announcing it: Spawn is set to be the driving force behind a project in multiple mediums, including video games.

It’s not just Marvel and DC in life, there’s also Picture Comics. Much less popular than the Big Two of American comics, Image is still a big publisher to whom we owe The Walking Dead Where spawn. And by the way, the latter will soon be entitled to a new adaptation to the cinema (the 1997 premiere flopped), directed by Image Comics founder and comic book writer Todd McFarlane.

As in 1997, McFarlane hopes to cast a wide net with this return to the big screen. Indeed, the creator of the character had coupled the release of his film with a television adaptation on HBO in three seasons, but also video games. More than 20 years later, he would therefore like to renew the experience.

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Interviewed in the podcast ComicBook NationSpawn’s dad is adamant:

I think [le film] will be the driving force behind so much around him. Literally a snowball effect for business. I don’t want to have 30 projects going on that I later regret not trying because now we have a bigger opportunity to do something cooler, or a bigger company wants to come along.

We already hope that the adaptation planned for 2022 will live up to the comic, which for the moment is lacking in the history of the character. Marvel’s Electro Jamie Foxx has been cast as hero Al Simmons. We will also find in the casting another recurring MCU, Jeremy “Hawkeye” Renner.

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