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Spencer: disruptions because of demand, not lack of Xbox


According to Phil Spencer, if the current pandemic has a link with the stockouts, he believes that it is not because of a low supply but of too much demand for consoles.

In an interview published by the New York Times, the boss of the Xbox branch, Phil spencer, assured that sales of consoles have never been so good and that it is now necessary respond to the request as quickly as possible on Microsoft’s side, despite the current context which affects the entire industry and especially that of technologies.

For now, we have sold more (consoles) of this generation of Xbox, namely the Xbox Series X and S, than in previous versions of Xbox. It is up to us to respond to this demand now.

And Spencer to add that the offer is not lower, despite all the stockouts affecting manufacturers, it’s your fault if the consoles can’t fill the stores fast enough:

When you’re trying to get an Xbox or a new PlayStation right now on the market, they’re really hard to find. And it’s not because the supply is lower than it has ever been. The offer has never been higher. It’s just that the demand exceeds the supply for all of us.

Note, in a completely different register, that Phil Spencer took advantage of this long interview to discuss his collaboration with Activision Blizzard, currently affected by numerous cases of harassment and abuse. After announcing to assess his relationship with Bobby Kotick, the boss of Xbox announced “changes”.

The work that we do specifically with a partner like Activision is something that obviously I’m not going to talk about publicly. We’ve changed the way we do certain things with them, and they know it. But … this is not, for us, Xbox, to make a trial of intentions with the other companies. Xbox’s history is not without blemish.

Reacting to a question about retention of Bobby Kotick and the many articles and petitions calling for his resignation, he adds:

All partners, if I can learn from them or share what we have built with the Xbox adventure, I would rather rather than enter into any sort of accusation against other companies. I’d rather help than try to punish them. I don’t think my job is to punish other companies

Source: www.nytimes.com

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