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Square Enix wants to offer more HD-2D remakes of its SNES games


Just like Live A Live which has been announced for a return next summer, Square Enix is ​​reportedly working on HD-2D remakes of the Super Famicom’s flagship games.

Good news for the nostalgic, less good for the others: Square Enix has not finished its series of HD-2D remakes of its flagship games from the 80s. In an interview with Famitsuthe studio developers indicate that President Yosuka Matsuda wants even more revivals. Tomoya Asano explains thus:

The president ordered us to use HD-2D more, so we decided to think about remakes of past titles. So we made a list of possible titles and rthought about which ones could be made in HD-2D, then we presented them to the president […] There were the titles published by Square and Enix for the Super Famicom. We’ve lined them all up and presented Live A Live as the most suitable. Second place went to ActRaiser.

During the last Nintendo Direct, we were also able to discover the remake of Live A Live for the summer of 2022. The next game to take the direction of this HD-2D aesthetic is Triangle Strategy, which is an original game. But Square Enix above all has a huge pool of games that could be brought up to date, as we have seen with the FF Pixel Remaster series.

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Other titles could therefore be revealed in the years to come…

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