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Square Enix’s RPG Live A Live Introduces New Universes


Expected for July on Nintendo Switch, the remake of Live A Live now presents two new universes.

The new game in HD-2D from Square Enix, whose release is expected for the 22nd of July, is now taking advantage of new videos, to once again present its universes. And if so far five of its seven worlds have already been able to show themselves to players, in particular by revealing their characters and voice cast, Live a Live is therefore coming back to us with its last two temporalities.

The Fighter and The Robot

With a first video, the game sends us to the present time in the company of a practitioner of mixed martial arts, whose main objective is to become the best in the world… nothing more, nothing less.

The second world gives us a glimpse of the future. Something that had already been used in a previous trailer, with the difference that it was about the near future. There, with the few minutes broadcast, we are propelled into a more distant future at the controls of a support unit named Cube. And, it is therefore through his eyes that you will witness the tensions that reign within the crew of the freighter Cogito Ergo Sum.

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