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Squirrel with a Gun: between Yakuza and Shadow of the Colossus


Discovered recently, the seemingly zany title is in fact inspired by AAA games according to Dan DeEntremont.

If, at first glance, Squirrel with a Gun is reminiscent of Untitled Goose Game and Goat Simulator, it’s other more unexpected titles that its creator, special effects specialist Daniel DeEntremont, says were inspired: the Yakuza license and Shadow of the Colossus.

According to theinterview he gave to IGNhe says indeed that he drew from AAA games to create his squirrel with a weapon. Adept at crazy cinematics of Yakuza during the fights, like in the escalation of the immense adversaries to face in Shadow of the Colossus, it seeks to take up the concepts.

It should thus be possible to to climb on humans with our little red rodent and to launch themselves in unbridled confrontations (if I dare say). But, beware, even if the title has captured the attention of social networks, it is not only at its beginnings and it will be necessary to be patient before being able to put the hand (or the paw) on it.

“I love Shadow of the Colossus, I love climbing the enemies, making it a challenge.”

Regarding the story, the squirrel would have escaped from a laboratory of top secret experimentation after having ingested by error a hard disk in the shape of an acorn and motivating, of this fact, agents to pursue it to recover it.

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It might further be possible that he is endowed with powers and to opt for another similar animalof the ferret or chipmunk type, and other colorsnot to mention outfits such as a tuxedo or a bomber suit.

On the armament side, we will have the right to a shotgun, a pistol and an RPGbut also some other models. And if the game does not hold no release date yet on PCbut we already know that it could also be released later on PlayStation and Switch.

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