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Stadia still isn’t dead, 100 games are coming in 2022


As at the start of 2021, Google was forced to announce that its cloud gaming platform was not going to stop, following rumors of the planned death of Stadia.

Stadia could or should have been a good idea. But two and a half years after its launch by googlethe cloud gaming platform is still just as unattractive for players, is chaining offers and promotions to try to scratch a few more subscriptions, and no longer has a first-party studio.

Like last year almost at the same time, Google has announced that Stadia is not dead. In a Twitter message, the GAFAM giant denied rumors that were launched last week.

The Stadia team is working really hard on its future and that of cloud gaming. We hope you agree, and we know the proof is in the facts. […] We’re especially proud to be giving away 50 games to Pro members in February, with over 100 titles coming to Stadia in 2022 as well as plenty of Free Play Days, so everyone can enjoy.

Again, as in 2021, Stadia therefore announces 100 titles in the catalog for the coming year. On this point, Stadia does not lie. We calculated, and there were indeed some 110 games added to the catalog. 2022 should also be expanded, and in addition, Google announces updates:

There are also several new features coming – things we can’t talk about right now, but we promise to share them when we can.

It’s not for now that you will be able to say on Facebook: “you’re an old man if you’ve known Stadia LOL!”