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Stalker 2 shuts down


The war in Ukraine pushes the GSC Game World teams to suspend the development of the game while waiting for better days.

If the postponement of STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl from April 28 to December 8, 2022 at the beginning of the year already seemed significant to you, it’s nothing compared to the delay it will finally show.

Indeed, the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army led the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World to have to suspend the development of the title and announce its postponement againthis time to a indefinite date since no one can predict when the situation will return to normal.

This announcement was made on video from motion-capture footage ofan era now gone and very real war images.

We strive to help our employees and their families survive. The development of the game has gone by the wayside. But we will continue for sure. After the victory.

We are of course solidarity and wish them the best for the future, but it won’t be not before 2023 at the earliest that we can now enjoy on computer and Xbox Series of this new FPS opus in a contaminated area.

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