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Star Ocean: The Divine Force introduces two of its characters


Scheduled for this fall on consoles and PC, the next Star Ocean is provided with a new video to introduce two of its protagonists.

Last June, Star Ocean: The Divine Force was scheduled to be released on October 27th on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. On this occasion, Square Enix also provided us with a new preview of the adventure that will be offered to us in a few months.

Several days later, a new communication came to the player. And this time, its main purpose was to introduce the two protagonists of this new story: the commander of the merchant ship Ydas, Raymond Lawrence, and the princess of the kingdom ofAuceriusLaeticia Aucerius.

Albaird and Elena introduce themselves

And now it’s the turn of two new characters to have their own introduction.

On the one hand, in a first video, we have Albaird Bergholm. Knight of the kingdom of Aucerius, he is also the childhood friend of the one he will protect tooth and nail, even if it means putting his life at stake, the princess Leaticia.

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Through the second trailer put online, Square Enix offers us a view on Elena, the second of Raymond. She is one of the most important cogs, if not the most important, of the Ydas ship. She deplores the reckless actions of her captain, but she remains respectful and admiring of him.

Soon, in a few days surely, we should have a similar communication around the other two figures: Nina Deforges and Midas Felgreed.

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