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Starfield finally shows gameplay and looks amazing


It’s been a long time coming, but Bethesda’s next big RPG ended up showing several minutes of mouth-watering gameplay.

Exploration of an unknown planet, harvesting of materials, gunfights and narration are on the program for these first real images of the game on Xbox Series X.

Between No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen, there is now Starfield

Still without a specific release date, Starfield still offered us a glimpse of its universe. The software has indeed presented us a few gunfights, some bits of narration and above all several environments. Bethesda promises us an extraordinary RPG with as much exploration as storytelling.

Eyeing the side of No Man’s Sky, Starfield will offer quite incredible freedom in his exploration with several hundred planets to visit and on which we can even establish a base to build from scratch. It will be the same with our ships that we can create ourselves from the cabin to the on-board crew, or our avatar that is totally customizable, from physique to skills.

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So it looks very good for Starfield even if the gunplay seems perfectible. We will obviously wait to have the game in our hands to judge but we will still have to wait since the software will not be released before 2023 on Xbox Series and PC.

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