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Starfield: ‘something unique’, players ‘will go crazy’


The design director of Bethesda believes that Starfield will give a big slap to the players, like what he could feel with the last Spider-Man on PlayStation.

A Bethesda developer has no shortage of superlatives for reveal the quality expected by the future software Xbox exclusive, Starfield. One of the most anticipated games of the year, if not other years, is slowly being revealed with concepts and declarations, and the hype is mounting while waiting for the release of this RPG set for November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series.

Bethesda’s new franchise will make gamers ‘lose their minds’, now says Emil Pagliarulo, design director at the Xbox-owned studio. Already present in the credits of Morrowind, another crazy game of its time, the man has the double role of head of design and writing for Starfield. A project that he considers to be the beginning of a new great adventure.

To say that we are going to create the first new studio franchise in twenty years is one thing. Getting it done is another. It’s been amazing to watch Starfield grow into this amazing game, bit by bit, and discover SO much new stuff. There comes a time, when you’re working on a game, where everything is a mess, especially at the beginning, because that’s the reality of video game development. But when you get to the point where the systems start to come online, things start to work, and you see it all bring to life the vision you had at the start of the adventure… When it first happened on Starfield, there was a moment of, “Oh. Oh, wow. Yeah. It’s…really something unique. Players will absolutely love it.” (Editor’s note: this is the official translation of the blog, but it could rather be translated as: “The players are going to go crazy”) Now we just need to finish it!

In its final design phase, the game is now in a vast tweaking and balancing step especially on quests and main storyline to make sure everything works.

Our studio’s unofficial slogan is “Great games are played, not made.” That means we have to experience Starfield as the player would, through every stage of development. We’re brutally honest with ourselves about what’s fun and what’s not, what works and what doesn’t, and we do everything we can to ensure players get the experience they expect and deserve.

Finally, the design director gives some inspiration for Starfield and the studio’s upcoming games, and reveals having received a slap on the Spider-Man of Insomniac or Cyberpunk.

Create an open and gigantic environment like Night City? It’s not an easy thing. It is very impressive.

As long as Starfield isn’t inspired by CDPR’s disastrous launch of the game, no problem.

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Source: bethesda.net

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