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Starfield talks about its soundtrack in a new video


Still very mysterious as to the experience he intends to offer, Starfield nevertheless takes advantage of a video release to discuss his musical composition.

Planned for this end ofyear 2022 on Xbox series and PC, November 11 to be precise, Bethesda’s space opera has given rise to a lot of hope from its very first release, even if so far it has shown almost nothing in terms of gaming experience where we are still at the stage of promises. Certainly, little by little, he distills his universe and reveals some elements to us, like the last presentation of the VASCO robot. However, on the gameplay side, we still don’t know everything. And it’s not the last video that will fix this shortcoming.

With this unprecedented communication, Starfield draws particular attention to its soundtrack and can count on the presence of its composer. Inon Zur as well as that of its audio director Mark Lampart to talk about it. We will also take advantage of these few minutes to admire some concept art.

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