Home News Starfield unveils a new video centered on the VASCO robot

Starfield unveils a new video centered on the VASCO robot


The Constellation team will have VASCO, a “peaceful but capable of defending itself”, available for its exploration missions. Bethesda unveils the beast in detail.

Like any good space exploration simulation, Starfield will allow stellar travelers to be accompanied by a companion robot. And the latter, named VASCOis revealed in a video from the developers published by Bethesda.

This bipedal expedition robot will work in the service of Constellation, the organization of explorers where the hero of the game works. The main graphic designer, Istvan Pely, calls him a “peaceful robot” with defense systems “when needed” (wink wink, he’s going to send some pâté at some point in the scenario, you got it).

We can see a kind of weapon on one of its arms, harness systems for lifting loads and a design between Star Wars TS-TTs and Robocop’s ED-209, which seems to be able to customize according to its task, as you can see in these concepts. Starfield is planned on PC and Xbox Series on November 11 next.

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