Home News Starfield will have dialogue at the premiere that will leave us speechless

Starfield will have dialogue at the premiere that will leave us speechless


The big Microsoft exclusive, signed Bethesda, reveals some details about the dialogues of its RPG.

As for Skyrim or Fallout, Starfield will be a very, very talkative RPG. The software promises us perhaps a huge playground, great freedom and a lot of exploration, this one does not forget its screenplay.

In space no one will hear you speak… and that’s normal this time

Thereby, in Starfield, we will have to speak with a good number of NPCsas can also be seen in the latest presentation, and many wondered if the first person view seen in the video was normal while the software was in third person.

To which Bethesda replied in the affirmative. Yes, the dialogues take place exclusively in subjective view. The editor also added that our hero will not speak aloud, this one is absolutely not dubbed, as in previous productions of the same caliber by the way. The reason for this choice still remains a mystery, especially sincein 2023, it does much less than in the early 2000s.

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Starfield will be available on Xbox consoles and PC early next year no specific date yet.

This news leaves us speechless.

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