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State of Play: 30 mins of Gran Turismo 7 gameplay


Tonight, Sony held a State of Play to talk about the upcoming Gran Turismo 7, one of the most anticipated games of the year on the PS5.

During the State of Play on Gran Turismo 7, airing Wednesday night, Sony has given a full update on all aspects of the gameplay of Polyphony Digital’s new title. Physical improvements, graphics, content, everything goes with these 30 minutes of video which detail the game planned for PS4 and PS5 March 4 next.

Among the important points, we can discover GT world map, a map with several locations that will allow you to manage all aspects of driving and maintaining your vehicles. Missions, permits, circuits, but also the garage, the dealer, the tuning shop or even the Gran Turismo Cafe.

This place has been very detailed precisely, since it seems to play a very big role in the game, as the developers have already explained several times. Functioning as a kind of car temple, the Café will allow you to take “menus” which will give a list of challenges in all aspects of the game, in order to discover a little more about the history of the cars. This part will allow you to win exclusive testimonials from designers and access to the museum.

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Finally, on the technical side, the game will offer spatial 3D audio, two rendering modes (in 60 fps without ray-tracing for racing, with RT for replays or photo mode), the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the PS5 controller.

Kazunori Yamauchi finally reconfirmed the presence of more than 400 vehicles on day one, without giving a list.

To learn more, read the full blog post in French on the official website.

Source: blog.uk.playstation.com

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