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Steam Deck already updated for stick drift issues


While the new portable console from Valve is starting to be distributed everywhere, patches are already deployed on the machine.

After only a few days of delivery, some of which are handled by Gabe Newell himself, the Steam Deck has reached a good number of homes and the first feedbacks have started to appear on the web. Too bad, it seems that the machine has technical problems.

A patch on Steam Deck to correct the shooting

If overall the users seem rather delighted, a good number of them still had drift problems on the joysticks. This alteration, which has the effect of continuing to operate the joystick when it is supposed to be inactive, is generally due to manufacturing problems, as is the case with the joy-cons of the Nintendo Switch for example.

Except that on the Steam Deck, this is fortunately not the case and Valve has already corrected the problem. In reality, the drift here was caused by a disruption of the dead zone following a previous firmware update. Therefore, just update the Steam Deck with the latest patch uploaded to fix the drift issue. All’s well that ends well then.

Hello everyone, a quick word on the joysticks of the Steam Deck. The team looked into the reported issues and found it to be a dead zone regression from a recent firmware update. We just sent out a hotfix to fix this issue, so be sure to update it.

Moreover, faced with the growing success of the machine, Valve has already planned to drastically increase the production of its Steam Deck.

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