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Steam Deck: Halo Infinite and other Xbox games won’t run natively


Halo Infinite, Halo Master Chief Collection, Gears 5… Several games from the Microsft team will not be supported natively on the Valve machine.

While the Steam Deck slowly starting to join the cottages, Valve continues to share the list of games supported by its machine, while still making more games compatible. Today, a list of Microsoft-branded games has been unveiled and not all of them will work natively.

No Gears 5, Halo Infinite or Microsoft Flight Simulator X on Steam Deck due to anti-cheat

We’ve known this from the start, but the news Valve’s handheld console requires games to be fully optimized to run smoothly. Since then, several market players, such as THQ Nordic, have shared a list of “Verified” (optimized) and “Playable” (playable but not optimized) games. While others have indicated that their games will not work on the bike, such as Fortnite, often due to conflicts between certain third-party software, such as anti-cheats, and the Steam Deck’s Steam OS.

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Today, it is Microsoft which reveals the list of its optimized games, playable, but also those which will not be supported by the console. In this last category, we find in particular Halo Infinite, Halo MCC or even Gears 5, all of which have compatibility issues due to their anti-cheating software.

Obviously clever little guys have already found the trick to get around the problem, but for that you have to tamper with the console files and use third-party software, which is not without pitfalls either and blocks several features at the same time.

CHECKED (Optimized)


UNSUPPORTED (due to anti-cheat)

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