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Stephanie Beatriz Joins Anthony Mackie in Twisted Metal Adaptation


The live-action adaptation of the PlayStation game series adds a new star to its cast: Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz.

Stephanie Beatriz joins the cast of the new live adaptation of Twisted Metal for peacockannouncement Deadline. The star of the comedy detective series Brooklyn Nine-Nine played the cold detective Rosa Diaz until 2021. She got her first major film role the same year with the voice of the new Disney princess, Mirabel, in Encanto.

The actress, who will play “Quiet”, now joins Anthony Mackie (the new Captain America of the MCU), interpreter of John Doe, in the new adaptation of video games which will take the form of a series of half-hour “action-comedy” episodes, which suits the two cast actors perfectly. We also hope to see many explosions and races to get closer to the original work.

For the moment, the release date is not known.. We know that the series will be written by Michael Jonathan Smith, screenwriter on the Cobra Kai series, and directed by Kitao Sakurai. The license is part of many PlayStation franchise adaptation projects, after Uncharted which should have a second film, but also The Last of Us on HBO or even a Ghost of Tsushima film in 2023.

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