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Stray keeps its release date and will arrive day one in the PS Plus


Chat is going very well for Stray, which finally announces its release date and intends to please PlayStation Plus members in the process.

Stray will therefore be available on PS5, PS4 and PC from July 19.. This atypical indie game has attracted the sympathy of the public thanks to its unique proposal and its polished graphics.

chatberpunk 2077

We will embody a lonely tomcat in a hostile cyberpunk universe, populated by robots, where we will have to survive by using our feline abilities and much more. The software will offer us various platform phases, a few puzzles here and there and infiltration. Cat is not going to be easy.

Cherry on the cake, Sony has announced that the software will join the PlayStation Plus program as soon as it is released. It will therefore be possible to download it at no additional cost from the moment you subscribe to the PlayStation Extra or Premium.

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