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Stray: the best release of 2022? Steam notes are formal


Stray has definitely not finished being talked about. For good reason, the game is now the highest rated release of 2022 on Steam.

Do we really need to keep introducing Stray? This cute game where you play as a cat in a cyberpunk universe is a real hit, both in terms of sales and on social networks. But the felines’ favorite software won’t stop there. Indeed, the production of BlueTwelve Studio has just obtained the first place in a category to say the least impressive.

Cat is amazing

Cats sell and people like them. The proof, Stray is now the highest rated game on Steam in the category of productions released in 2022. This information was spotted on the Steam250 site, which assigns a score to games on the platform based on the reviews left by players and the number of people who have posted a review. So the game ended up getting an average of 8.61/10 for 42.665 votes of which 98% positive.

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To give you an idea of the challenge this represents, it’s the PC version of God of War that held the first place so far with a score of 8.56/10. However, we must be careful, since we are talking about an average score of 53.101 reviews. Nothing tells us that Stray would keep his throne if he had the same number of votes, although his figure is already impressive. To be continued.

If all this has made your mouth water, know that the game is available since July 19 on PC, PS4 and PS5. As for our test, it can be found at this address.

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