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Street Fighter 6 finally shows its fists


There you go, it’s done: Capcom is moving on. Six years after the release of the fifth opus, the Japanese studio is now formalizing Street Fighter 6.

Everyone had their speculations since the launch, just a week ago, of the countdown. Perhaps you were scrutinizing it intensely with the intimate conviction of seeing this Street Fighter VI appear, the announcement of which is no longer really a surprise, especially since Capcom had revealed that it was working on the game. case, you are satisfied.

However, there isn’t much to get your teeth into except for a teaser pitting two fighters from different generations against each other: Ryu, the old of the old, and the brand new Luke. The character who just appeared via DLC in Street Fighter V will occupy a central role in the latter.

More information about the game will be communicated to summer 2022.

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