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Summer Game Fest 2022: Times, dates, and expected games from all events


Find here the dates and times of all the important events of this summer: Summer Game Fest 2022, State of Play, Xbox Showcase and more…

Summer is fast approaching, and for our favorite media it’s the start of the festivities. June to August is not only the season for bikinis, cocktails, sun and hot sand, but also (and especially for us) the period of all the announcements. A brief overview of what is happening.

Note that the list here only deals with strong appointments, and does not include more confidential shows, pre-shows or afters. Other events may also be added as needed.

State of Play (Sony) – June 2 – 11:59 p.m.

Expected like the messiah by a horde of fans, Sony’s next State of Play should lift the veil on many games to come. Visibly focused on third-party publishers and the PSVR 2, so we can expect to have many surprises. On the PSVR 2 side, the line-up is still not known and the only official game at the moment is none other than Horizon Call of the Mountain. We also know that several studios are currently working on Sony’s new VR headset, and that many ports and third-party games have been announced without any date, or even certainty for some.

For the rest, we can hope to have news from Final Fantasy 16 and Stray which still has no date, from Forspoken, which could also show more before its release at the end of the year, and why not announcements concerning games from the PS Plus catalog, which has just launched its new formulas. On the first party side, it is God of War Ragnarok that is long overdue and thatwe would like to see a definitive dateor the remake of The Last of Us and Sly Cooper, the fruit of many rumors for far too long, which could finally be revealed. But with Sony, we are sure of nothing.

You can follow Sony’s State of Play at the official PlayStation channel.

Summer Game Fest – June 9 – 8 p.m.

It is certainly the event that will be the most loaded with announcements, Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, aka Mr World Premiere, will bring together a lot of people, from the smallest studios to the biggest ones and already promises a lot of trailers and sequences of gameplay. With a list of partners as long as your arm, it’s hard to feel anything coming even if you can expect and hope for a few headline announcements.

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Activision could thus show us a bit of Modern Warfare 2, Capcom of Street Fighter 6, Riot Games could also finally announce the arrival of League of Legends Wild Rift, or one of its many games in development, on our consoleswhile Devolver certainly has several surprise games up its sleeve. In any case, the show promises to be filled. You will also find the complete list of participants on the official website.

You can follow the Summer Game Fest 2022 on the official channel of TheGameAwards and a whole bunch of Twitch Partners streams

Netflix Geeked Week – June 6 to 10 – Every day

The VOD giant will also have its own event and should tell us more about its gaming projects. Netflix had announced that it wanted to expand its catalog to have about fifty games by the end of the year and intends to capitalize on its licenses to achieve its ends. Insofar as the box remains rather discreet on its gaming branch, we can therefore only expect surprises

During its “Geeked Week” Netflix also intends to talk to us about its series from famous licenses such as Resident Evil, The Cuphead Show, Sonic Prime or even Tekken: Bloodline and SOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

You can follow the different shows of Netflix on its official channel.

Guerrilla Collective – June 11 – 5pm

This year, the Guerrilla Collective will hold its 3rd edition and should once again present us with a whole bunch of new features. This show, centered on independent games, will certainly be an opportunity to introduce us to more confidential and offbeat projects, as was the case before. Stray could also make a jump there with gameplay, insofar as Annapurna Interactive is a regular at the event.

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You can follow the Guerrilla Collective on its official channel.

Future Games Show – June 11 – 9pm

Another important summer event, Gamesradar+’s Future Games Show promises nearly 40 games this year, exclusive announcements, world premieres and more. The event will notably be able to count on the presence of iconic partners such as Team17, Thunderful and Amanita Design and should provide us with a good number of gameplay sequences on all platforms.

You can follow the Future Games show on the official Gamesradar+ channel.

Wholesome Direct – June 12 – 6:30 p.m.

Another event giving pride of place to independent gamesthe Wholesome Direct has so far accustomed us to shows literally packed with gameplay who do not hesitate to throw a whole bunch of indie games on the chain. It is therefore an unmissable event for fans of the independent sceneespecially as recent years have been particularly interesting in this sector.

You can follow the Wholesome Direct on the official Wholesome Games channel

Xbox Bethesda Showcase – June 12 – 7pm

Highly anticipated conference and advertised as “huge” by Xboxthis showcase should take stock of the firm’s projects concerning Xbox Game Pass and XCloud, but above all show us its games in development, like Hellblade 2. But it is in particular those of Bethesda that interest us, in particular Starfield which still does not give news, if not to be postponed. redfall, Arkane Studios’ game is also expected at the turn after also being rebuffed.

Currently, Microsoft keeps all its cartridges in store and sells us a lot of dreams without us having anything concrete to eat. Hoping that this gargantuan showcase will bring us some nice surprises, like a teaser of next game from The Coalition for example?

You can follow the Xbox Bethesda Showcase on the official Xbox channel or many Twitch Partners streams.

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