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Summer Game Fest: Dwayne Johnson will come talk about Fortnite and Black Adam


The Rock will drop by to say hello as a guest at Summer Game Fest 2022 and tell us a bit about his gaming and cinema projects.

Former wrestler Dwayne Johnson, now a real movie star, will be one of the guests of Summer Game Fest 2022 and will appear on stage on June 9.

Fortnite, Black Adam, Dwayne is on all fronts

The man will tell us about his role in Fortnite, in which he plays the character The Foundation, the Leader of the Seven, a group of mercenaries who have appeared in Fortnite during special events. It would therefore seem that Epic Games has new projects for its Battle Royale and that we should see more clearly during Geoff Keiglhey’s conference.

The Rock should also tell us about Black Adamwhich could also have a new trailer during the event. The DC film is expected in theaters on October 19 and this dear Dwayne will camp there the super-villain (sometimes nice) Black Adam, antagonist well known to fans of Shazam and DC.

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As a reminder, the Summer Game Fest starts on June 2 at 11:59 p.m. with Sony’s State of Play and will be followed by many events throughout the next few days. you can also find the complete calendar by going to this page.

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