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Super Bomberman R Online: Season 3 is coming, featuring Suikoden


The new Season of Super Bomberman R Online is launched, with an event and the introduction of a new Bomber in homage to the Suikoden franchise.

Fans of one of the greatest PlayStation RPG will be delighted to discover a new Bomber as a tribute to the franchise as of December 17, in Super Bomberman R Online. On the occasion of Season 3 launch for free on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Stadia and Switch, the Bomber Suikoden 2 Hero is based on one of Suikoden II’s 108, Riou.

The character’s lore also pays homage to the story of the original game:

The Bomber Suikoden 2 Hero is a bomberman who leads an army against the Highland Kingdom on the planet Dunan. Over countless encounters and separations, he overcame a life of adversity with 107 allies to become the hero he is today. In Super Bomberman R Online, he has the “Twin Fang” ability which allows him to detonate nearby characters and bombs using a tonfa.

Season 3 also kicks off the “Mighty Fest” operation at Power Zone level. During this event, the power and number of bombs are at maximum level from the start.

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Finally, the players who buy the This season’s Gold Battle Pass will be able to earn 30% extra XP by playing Quick Matches until the end of the season. New maps for the Battle 64 mode are also in the works.

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