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Superfuse is officially announced through a trailer


This action RPG will put you in the shoes of your superhero and will offer you to play up to 4 in cooperation.

the Dutch development studio Stitch Heads just officially announced Superfusean action ARPG inspired by the comics and which will launch in early access during 2022. Published by Raw Furythis hack-and-slash type game will feature create and customize your own superhero and improve his abilities, thanks to a highly developed skill tree that will make his powers unique. It will also offer a single-player or four-player co-op campaign.

Superfuse tells the story of thehumanity having escaped from the dying Earth thanks to technology financed by large corporations. Scattered across the vastness of the solar system, humans have seen their freedom dwindle to the benefit of the billionaires who saved them. Thanks to their wealth and technologies, they were able to extend their lives and acquire superpowers, gradually turning into gods, which led to numerous rebellions and riots. But a new threat has appeared: Corruption. Sinister creatures and putrid monsters proliferated, forcing the gods to intervene by creating the Enfoncers, soldiers in their image to ensure the survival of the human species. You will join the ranks of these armed forces and it is up to you to find your place in this conflict. Yours to Discover the mysteries surrounding Corruption and the gods and demolish the hordes of creatures and bosses of all kinds.

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Superfuse will allow you to travel through the solar system and visit multiple moons and planets where futuristic cities have been built there. Each level will be randomly generated, making theunique adventure every time. Besides, the skill tree and the use of loot will grant you the possibility of making your hero extremely powerful.

Superfuse will be available on Steam in early access this year for full release in 2023.

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