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Survival Quiz CITY, a Battle Royale based on… quizzes


Bandai Namco unveils the new production of its indie label GYAAR Studio: a Battle Royale where the smartest team must prevent the others from reaching the finish line.

Take ‘Question for a Champion’ and Fall Guys, mix ’em upand get… a very amazing thing, that’s for sure. Survival Quiz CITY has visibly mixed the two concepts and will launch on March 4 on PC. Developed by GYAAR Studio, Bandai Namco’s independent label, the game therefore takes the form of a multiplayer battle royale where participants must answer quizzes to survive.

Obviously, the better you respond and the better you can then equip yourself to participate in the various events that face the right answer team and the wrong answer team. The winners will be able to spray the others, while the losers have only one path to the next event and must avoid attacks.

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A gameplay video which reveals the colorful style very close to similar games like Fall Guys or Knockout City (now free), was released by the publisher Phoenixx. The good news is that the huge framerate drops from the first trailer are absent.

A play test took place a few days ago, find some gameplay here:

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