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Sword Reverie: a new JVRPG to start 2022


Coming from Seattle, the action JRPG Sword Reverie launches in Early Access on PCVR next month.

Seattle-based anime and manga studio Isekai Entertainment will launch in early access Sword Reverie, a JRPG in virtual reality, the January 21, 2022 on PCVR and announces the news through a dedicated trailer.

After two years of development, the title will then offer 3 hours of adventures on two maps, but when its final release, after a year of early access, you can count on 8 to 10 hours of play on 5 cards. New weapons and other skills will also gradually expand the software.

Note however that French does not seem to be planned for the moment. Better to be comfortable with the language of ex-Europeans. The action, on the other hand, is widely put forward with fights against various opponents among which boss a little tougher.

Whether it be with the sword or with the help of your special powers exploiting the four elements, you will take part, within a fantasy world, to a story centered on anime characters. It’s up to you to unlock new skills to strengthen yourself, such as craft powerful weapons.

In the skin ofa summoned hero from another world to become the apprentice of Magnus, the Last Guardian, you will need to helping her adopted daughter Stella, a seasoned archer, to avenge the death of his parents. After centuries of peace between humans and elementals thanks to the Guardians, of whom his father was the last representative, they were assassinated by one of the Elemental Lords who now impose their tyranny on the world.

Expected for now only on PCVR, Sword Reverie could also be released later also on Quest and PSVR.

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