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Take-Two is not a fan of making games free on day one


The boss of Take-Two (2K, Rockstar), Strauss Zelnick, does not see the interest for his studio to offer its titles in day one in the subscription programs of PlayStation or Xbox.

As we know, Strauss Zelnick does not often have his tongue in his pocket and can from time to time go against the current to stand out from the competition. While many studios agree on the success of the Xbox model and its Game Pass program, Take-Two is not a fan of the method. Indeed, for the CEO of the group, making a game free by offering it directly on the day of its release in the subscription is counterproductive.

We have supported various subscription services and are happy to do so. We are skeptical about making important console games available the day they are released in these subscriptions. We cannot afford to disrupt our business in a way that does not make economic sense to us. This can be potentially interesting for securities that have been in the market for a while. If their price has been reduced, it may be economically interesting to offer them as a subscription

Zelnick is therefore not fundamentally against the principle of subscription, but does not want to see its recent AAA sold off right out. As proof, 2K Sports games are often offered in Game Pass and other PS Plus, but with at least a few months or years of lag with the release.

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No interest in Take-Two…until there is one

The boss of Rockstar’s parent company therefore believes that there needs to be a happy medium so that it benefits both the consumer and the studio. “I think Sony pretty much agrees with us since they said the same thing,” he explains.

Indeed, Jim Ryan had indicated that he did not want day one games in the PS Plus … even if he was not completely closed to the idea. Besides, Strauss Zelnick has no certainty himself, since he ends by specifying that if the consumer tells him that this is what he wants, “then that is where we will be”.

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