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Takeover of Ubisoft: the company “can be self-sufficient”


During a conference call, the CEO of Ubisoft (Yves Guillemot) returned to the rumors concerning the takeover of his company.

Not long ago, Ubisoft was rumored to be the next company to be taken over. Blackstone and KRR & Co were then appointed by Kotaku as the main stakeholders in this story. And, a few days later, it was the turn of the Guillemot brothers to be quoted by an article in Dealreporter in particular. The latter then affirmed that if he had to buy, the founding family would certainly have a say.

Ubisoft has the means to remain independent

Today, during a conference call to discuss the financial results, the CEO of Ubisoft spoke about the rumors that abound here and there, without commenting too much. For him, Ubisoft has enough resources (talent, franchises, etc.) to be able to add value and remain independent. But, as he indicated, everything will depend on what the shareholders think.

Our overall position is clear and well known. As we said last February, we have everything it takes to stay independent. We have the talent, the industrial and financial scale, and a broad portfolio of powerful franchises to create massive value in the years to come. This has given us the means to establish strategic partnerships with the biggest players in entertainment and technology. Current speculation highlights the real attractiveness and value of our assets and our potential to create value.[…] As mentioned earlier, as a publicly traded company, it is good practice for our Board of Directors to consider any offer in the interest of all shareholders and our great teams.

While waiting to see what will actually happen in the near future, Ubisoft has recently recovered on the stock market.

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