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Tekken 7: historic sales for the Bandai Namco series


The latest Tekken episode, released on consoles and PC in 2017, continues to sell out and thus becomes the best-selling installment in the series.

Released on consoles (PS4, Xbox One) and PC in 2017, Tekken 7 continues to attract and gain new followers. And for good reason, since the last communication of its sales figures in November 2021the title recorded an increase… and not the least.

Tekken, a series that was worth 50 million

Bandai Namco’s Fighting Game Previously Sold Over 8 million copies now exceeds 9 millionas reported Katsuhiro Harada (the director of the saga) splitting a tweet. This seventh iteration, which was still at 7 million last summer, now achieves the status of the franchise’s best-selling episode, just ahead of tekken 3which peaks at some 8.3 million.

With this great success, the series radiates more, because, today, tekken it’s more than 53 million sales worldwide since its release in 1995 on PlayStation.

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