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Tekken: Bloodline is coming to Netflix as a series


The famous fighting game license returns to the front of the stage with an anime series on the Netflix platform.

Decidedly, the VOD giant capitalizes as much as possible on the juicy video game licenses. League of Legends with Arcane (which we can only recommend), Monster Hunter, Resident Evil or even Castlevania have all already had the right to their adaptation, more or less good, and it’s the turn of Tekken (Bandai Namco license) to play.

No Tekken 8, but a Netflix series

The aptly named Tekken: Bloodline is coming to Netflix this yearalthough we have no specific date to get your teeth into and that we don’t even know the number of episodes. We only know that we will follow a young Kazama there to sinter against a shovelful of well-known opponents of the license, while training for a big martial arts tournament. A kind of origin story in short.

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We leave you here the official trailer, hoping that this adaptation is better made than the last attempt made by the license at the cinema.

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