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Tell Me Why is free on Xbox and PC to celebrate Pride Month


If the month of June heralds the start of summer, it is also an important day for the LGBTQ+ community and to celebrate it, Don’t Nod and Microsoft have decided to give players a little gift.

It is therefore Tell Me Why, one of the recent productions of the Don’t Nod studio, and exclusive to Microsoft, which is made completely free to download on Xbox and PCas was the case last year.

Don’t Nod celebrates Pride Month once again

This is therefore excellent news for those who have not yet tried the software. And if Tell Me Why was chosen, it’s not for nothing, since this highly narrative game is especially renowned for being the first AAA to feature a male transgender character as a main, playable hero.

Moreover, Don’t Nod is certainly one of the most modern actors of his generation in the field and has always given pride of place to diversity in each of his works. Most of the studio’s games are therefore highly inclusive, but above all deal with these subjects, sadly taboo in our society, in a perfectly natural, sensitive and always extremely respectful way.

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It is therefore quite natural that such a studio decides to put its works forward for celebrate Pride Month like it should be.

To download the game, nothing could be simpler, since all you have to do is go to the Microsoft store on computer Where Xbox to get hold of it

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