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Ten years later, the survival horror SF Routine shows up again


Ten years after its initial announcement, the horror game Routine has been talked about again at Summer Game Fest 2022.

Hey, we’ve come a long way from our little planet during the conference orchestrated by geoff keighley. We visited the terrible moon of Jupiter with Callisto Protocol, let our eyes take note of the no less heavy events that await us on Mars with Fort Solis and then we also strolled on the Routine space base.

Routine is talking about him again ten years later

Ten years ago, Routine revealed itself. Since then, he has been rather discreet. And, to put it mildly, since at some point, Lunar Software had to restart the project. It is therefore, in a rebooted version that the horrific FPS reappeared at the Summer Game Fest.

The adventure that we have been given to see promises to be dark. Walking through corridors invaded by darkness, with only one weapon “cosmonaut assistance tool”players will have to try to survive the threats, including bloodthirsty robots, that hover over the lunar base that they will have to explore.

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Based on a very 80s science fiction design, Routine will be released on PC and will apparently be exclusive to Microsoft’s consoles (Xbox Series, Xbox One). The game edited by Raw Fury will also integrate day one the Xbox Game Pass. When exactly? Well, the launch date has not been communicated, so it still remains a mystery.

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