Home News Tencent buys 1C Entertainment, a subsidiary of Russian giant 1C

Tencent buys 1C Entertainment, a subsidiary of Russian giant 1C


The Russian publishing company 1C Company is going under the Chinese flag. Tencent announces a rebranding of the brand in the coming months.

Polish studios are in the news right now. After CDPR and Techland donating money to humanitarian aid for Ukraine, it’s 1C Entertainment now making headlines. The studio is the last to have succumbed to the Chinese ogre Tencent, we learned before the weekend.

Very well known in publishing, 1C Entertainment is not really Polish. Indeed, the company has always been associated with its parent, 1C Company, considered a flagship of Russian video games. This branch based in Warsaw, but also in the Czech Republic and Hungary, was launched in 2005 to publish and publish on the territory of Western and Central Europe.

Tencent should rename the company and its branches within 6 months after signing the contract, but has yet to announce the new name. Recently, 1C Entertainment (also known as 1C Publishing) has published games as diverse and varied as Men of War, World War I, Theater of War 2: Kursk 1943 – Battle for Caen or Company of Crime. An entire program.

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