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Test of Disgaea 6 Complete


Released almost a year ago on Switch, Disgaea 6 finally arrives on Sony’s consoles (and PC, but we tested the PS5 version) with a “Complete” edition that packs on board everything the original game has received as DLC since its release. PlayStation players will be happy.

Same old, same old

Let’s break the ice from the start, Disgaea 6 Complete on PS5 (PS4 or PC no matter) is absolutely identical to its Switch counterpart. Given the complexity of the gameplay and the many things to say, we will not go over it again here, since you can consult the Switch test which deals with the game in detail.

test Disgaea 6 Complete

We’re going to talk here about what the Complete version brings, and to make it simple: nothing more.
So, yes, the game is prettier obviously, and much more stable than on Switch. There is no more no problem of aliasing, nor of slowing down and there is no difference between the two graphic modes (gameplay and performance), at least nothing noticeable to the eye.
The PS5 version does not offer any use of the triggers or vibrations and the loading was not long enough on Switch to see real improvements on PS5. In plain English, Disgaea 6 on PS5, PS4 and PC, it’s just more beautiful and then that’s it.

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It should be noted, however, that this new version gives access to all the DLC previously released. However, don’t expect anything crazy since these contents are only a handful of additional characters accompanied by some challenges, a zest of cosmetics and resources (Hells and Mana) to start the adventure on the right foot.

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