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TGA 2021 – A 4X in the Dune universe by Shiro Games (Evoland)


The small French developer Shiro Games announced during the Game Awards the arrival of a first 4X in the universe of Dune, named Dune: Spice Wars.

Extensive program for players: the 4X of Shiro Games will talk about the wars of the Spice, the substance consumed in the universe of Dune. During the Game Awards, the French developer announced the arrival of Dune: Spice Wars in early access on PC next year, a real-time strategy game based on Frank Herbert’s Roman.

Sébastien Vidal, the CEO of the studio who seems a big fan of Dune, explains that all the elements came together to make an interesting and intriguing game, with many factions and riches to collect:

The universe of Dune is the perfect setting for a strategy game. You have major factions, like House Atreides and House Harkonnen, whose rivalry dates back centuries. You have political intrigue, deception and wars, all centered on what is by far the most precious substance in the universe: the spice. And then there’s the scene itself, Arrakis, a hostile planet full of hidden wonders to explore. Massive sand worms capable of devouring entire armies, sandstorms, spice reapers – all of which our amazing team of developers have incorporated into this game.

The game will be published by Funcom, which seems to be doing well with this IP, given that the publisher is already on the Dune Survival project, an open-world survival game assigned to the German studio NUKKLEAR.

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