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The action platformer Moonscars is coming to consoles and PC


Moonscars, an action platformer full of darkness, is now making an appointment with console and PC players, through a trailer in particular.

Developed by Black Mermaid and published by Humble Games, the 2D action platformer Moonscars wants to propose a tale immersed in a world full of darkness, inviting the player to evolve alongside the warrior made of clay Grey Irma.

A game marked by death

Fighting against the forces of darkness, slaughtering them one by one, our heroine will not let herself be slowed down and will accomplish her goal at all costs, that is to say, to obtain the answer to a most vital question, a question that revolves around the reason for her existence… Let’s bet that she will finally be able to satisfy her need for knowledge once she has found the one she is looking for, the man capable of clearing her up: the Sculptor.

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In a quest populated by individuals overwhelmed by dark emotions and driven by sometimes dark motivations (such as revenge), the player, seemingly free to move where he wishes without being guided in any way (or as little as possible), will have to face death countless times. A necessary condition to be able to advance.

A difficult journey that will be put in the hands of PlayStation ownersand Xbox owners, Switch and PC as of September 27, 2022. The game will also integrate the Xbox Game Pass day one.

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