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The Alluring GalGun: Double Peace Comes In Physical Edition On Switch


The indecent shooter GalGun: Double Peace is making a comeback, almost 5 years after its release, with this port on Nintendo Switch.

Japanese games will always amaze me! Just for games just announced the release on Nintendo Switch of a physical edition of the sulphurous GalGun: Double Peace from the development studio Inti Creates.

You embody Houdai, a more than ordinary schoolboy, who was struck by Cupid’s arrows, becomes the most irresistible guy in the bahut. Your goal: defend yourself and defeat the hordes of schoolgirls attracted to your slibard and its contents and find true love. Armed with your gun stuffed with pheromones, you will subjugate all the girls under their obscene moans. If you still need more, know that several endings are to be discovered as you fight for the affection of your favorite girl.

This new edition of this rail-shooter anime contains, in addition to the basic game, all additional content, usable from the start of the game.

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GalGun: Double Peace which does not shine by its finesse will release the March 16, 2022 in physical edition on Nintendo Switch.

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