Home News The apocalyptic platformer The Cub is coming to consoles and PC

The apocalyptic platformer The Cub is coming to consoles and PC


The platform game offering players an apocalyptic world, The Cub, has been announced. Inspired by SEGA classics, the title will land on consoles and PC.

The Cub reveals itself. It is a platform game which, according to the description that we read on its Steam page, draws its inspiration from the title SEGA from the 90s, such as Aladdin, The Lion King, The Jungle Book… He will propose to embody a young boy evolving on a planet Earth swept away by an ecological catastrophe. Very few humans live there. When the disaster happened, the ultra-rich actually fled to March. The same ones who will organize an expedition to this lost planet. Our hero, who has developed an immunity, will therefore become the preferred target of these.

In addition, the game published by Untold Tales will share similarities with another title from developer Demagog Studio: Golf Club: Wasteland. The Cub will indeed take place in the same universe. It would even have been written in such a way as to cross the two stories with apocalyptic accents.

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Freshly announced for a PlayStation 5 release, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series Xbox One, Switch, and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), The Cub does not yet know its release date.

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