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The Best Casino Games To Play At An Online Casino

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Gamblers are bound to disagree about which of the online casino games is the easiest to play. This is because game levels depend on many factors like player skills, volatility ratio and which level these games are placed. Irrespective of which games are hard or easy, betting to win at online casinos should be your aim.

However, avoid being greedy because most games favor the bookies. Whenever you win on any table or live games, enjoy your profits. Discover below the list of the easiest casino games you can play at online casinos.


Not every online casino player loves staking on blackjack, this is because it requires some strategies before you can make a profit. Like all card games, it requires focus, diligence and some bit of luck.

This is a card game you play with the house dealer or with other players on a round table. One of the benefits of this game is the low house edge, which is the percentage of each stake you will win. What this implies is that in the long run, you will win.

Most blackjack games at Betway and Leo Vegas have between 0.3-0.5%. This is a recommended game for gamblers who want to have some fun playing strategy games at the best online casino in Canada available.

Video poker

When talking about the easiest games to gamble on, you can’t but mention the video poker game. This game is similar to slot games but offers its customers many chances of winning.

Bettors who aren’t serious and just want to have fun with casino games might not like this game. This is a game meant for skilled gamblers who are serious about winnings. It’s not something you take lightly, however, it’s simple to play. The stakes on this game are higher, but with a low house edge, if you often play you will win.

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Strategy is important with video poker if you want to make money. One major benefit of this game is that reliable casino games like 888 casinos, 1xbet, and Betway casino used an RNG which makes playing with a real deck of cards simple. A good video poker game like Jacks or better offers played a juicy percentage of above 98%.


This is a simple chance game which is offered by many bookmakers. The crap game involves moving a lot of dice around and hoping you have high numbers. You don’t need any technique to play this game and can always play anytime. It’s easy to play, but there isn’t any assurance you will win.

You can play with lucky people. There are two dice available and a shooter. Your goal is to target a 7 or roll an 11. For easy winnings in this game, you should bet on the pass/don’t pass bet. This is the only game in an online casino with zero house edge.

Slot machines

For serious gamblers and new players, looking for huge casino bonuses, slots remain a good choice of gambling. If you want a casino game that isn’t complicated and you can play within minutes, slots are your best bet. There are many fruits and progressive slot machines by NetEnt, Playtech and Evolution Gaming which you can play.

All players need to do is spin the reels and hope for the best. Cloudbet, PlayOJO, Bodog and Royal Panda have one of the best online slots games in Canada. Payments methods to play this game incur PayPal, bank transfer, credit cards and Skrill.

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Online roulette

Roulette is also considered an easy game to stake on at online casino Canada platforms. However, you will need to choose if you prefer the American variant or the French version.

Despite this high house edge, many people have been making money playing the games on Spin City and jackpot City. The roulette game is great for social gamblers who love a slow-paced casino game with many players.

The European roulette version has a lower house edge than the American version, which makes many people want to play. This is a game you can play in the comfort of your home without any problems. When you win, withdrawal is fast with many best online casinos, and you get your money within minutes.


Baccarat is a favorite among many Indian and Canadian casino players. What attracts many players to this game is its house edge and the ease of understanding it. If you are good at guessing, then this game is meant for you. It’s different from blackjack, even though players have a death deck of cards.

High rollers who need a steady game that can give them high returns. Also, if you don’t want to learn any strategy, it’s a nice choice.

There are many casino games to play, however, the above-mentioned games are easier for beginners and professionals. Your best decision is to stake with the best online casinos available that offer good gambling services.

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