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The boss of Abandoned explains why he does not reveal anything about the game


In an interview, Hasan Kahraman explains why no one has seen the game yet. And one of those reasons is that Abandoned probably doesn’t exist yet.

“The reason is simple: I’m scared.” The boss of Blue Box Game Studios, Hasan Kahramanreturned to the umpteenth fraud from his Twitter account in recent days: the deletion of the tweets of the end of 2021 announcing the upcoming release of the app and the Prologue of the gameprojects finally postponed to a future day (or not).

I didn’t think the community would react this way. Actually, the tweets were deleted because part of the concept changed, and I figured that deleting the tweet and tweeting more relevant information would be a better idea – which actually wasn’t a good idea. I have now learned to keep them. Even if the information or concept has changed, keep the old information because eventually people will see for themselves what the difference is and then see what is more current.

In the process, the studio account had asked its community, more and more pressing, if the latter wanted to see “game development images”. As if the answer wasn’t obvious given the nearly year-long delay on the simple PS5 app, more than 63% of the 42,000 voters answered in the affirmative. The poll did not calm the vehemence of the players, who got the simple answer:

Your votes really help us a lot! Just to be clear we will show the gameplay but with some limitations. We will mention them later. But don’t expect a full performance! The game is still in development and not ready, which is why the prologue was delayed. Keep that in mind.

For the record, if the game is not ready, its title is not known either, its dimension is not a triple A and besides, according to the latest news, it is not a survival horror either, explained the boss. If we don’t know what Abandoned is, then we know that its director is just scared to reveal his game, as he said on IGN:

The reason why people haven’t seen anything of the game yet, no development of the game, is simply, and to put it in one word, that I’m afraid… I don’t work for Ubisoft, I don’t work for some AAA publisher that tells me what to do, basically tells me what game to make – that’s a personal thing. And as development progresses, everyone may not understand, because players don’t see, don’t understand what ‘in development’ means – players don’t care about that.

Finally, we learn that the Prologue will be a standalone game/demo sold separately with 1 or 2 hours of gameplayand that the profits will be used to finance the creation of the game as a whole, which therefore makes it possible to imagine that if this version is “not ready”, the game has probably not yet started production.

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Do you understand the reluctance of the developer in the face of the horde of players waiting for information on the game?

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