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The Callisto Protocol: gameplay and a date for survival horror


The Callisto Protocol, the latest creation from the father of Dead Space, took advantage of the State of Play to show itself and thus broadcast its release date.

So far no real visual had appeared. We were satisfied with only a few words, here and there, about him. If not there are a handful of days when the latest creation of Glen Schofield (Dead Space) had leaked a small screenshot about him. It was therefore a small amuse-bouche to put in your mouth before tasting the big piece of this State of Play.

Gameplay and a December release

The title, which has now emancipated itself from PUBG, showed what it had in the belly during two somewhat agonizing minutes. Because, yes, players can be reassured, the moments they will spend on the moon of Jupiter, Callisto, will be far from being a health cure. The prisoner they will be brought to embody, Jacob Lee, will indeed see all the colors and will inevitably be the prey of deaths more intense than each other.

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Thus, as the video easily conveys, this new creation by Glen Schofield seems to be the worthy successor to its predecessor:dead space. The atmosphere is anxiety-inducing, the creatures terrifying, etc. In short, everything there is to please fans of the genre.

The game will be released on PS5 but also on PS4. However, for Sony’s new gen machine, the various features specific to it (haptic feedback, 3D audio, etc.) will be used to create the best experience. More details can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

And, oh yes! It will be the December 2, 2022 who will allow themselves to be approached The Callisto Protocol on the machinery of sonyof course, but also on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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