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The Callisto Protocol shows some new gameplay


In an interview, Glen Schofield went back over the origins of The Callisto Protocol while sharing some never-before-seen footage.

As he prepares his release for December 2nd on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox OneThe Callisto Protocol reveals itself little by little, but not too much.

Horror, blood and nasty monsters

Interviewed by GameInformer On the origins of the creation of the software, Glen Schofield repeats more or less what he had already mentioned in his previous interview that we had already covered in length.

We learn thatafter his departure of Activision, the man took time for him by going to isolate himself in the desert to put on paper all his ideas. One thing leading to another, the ideas became real storyboards and the storyboards a project: The Callisto Protocol.

By the way, as a reminder, after joining Battleground Krafton, a studio that was supposed to work to expand the lore of PUBG, it had been decided that The Callisto Protocol would be part of the universe of the famous battle royale. But finally, after a long hesitation, the game was emancipated to create its own identityeven if some easter eggs are to be expected.

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Result, The Callisto Protocol aims to be a true original survival horror reminding however very strongly of Dead Space, which will have the right to its remake at the beginning of 2023. Nothing surprising since Glen Schofield is also the creator of the EA horror series.

By the way, during the interview, The Callisto Protocol shows us some unpublished sequences which put forward its claustrophobic and sticky atmosphere, new creatures, and even a shotgun that moves. The atmosphere is heavy, the software obviously relies on some jumpscares and yes, it will be gory, very gory even if we believe dear Glen. We will wait to have our hands on it to judge for ourselves, but as it is, the images shared so far tend to prove him right.

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