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The Chant horror game has a release date


The horror game The Chant comes back to us with a new video to show a little more of its universe and especially to reveal its release date.

After providing some images about it a few weeks ago, The Chant comes back to the player with a new communication to show itself more, but also to reveal the date of its release.

A release in November

The horror game developed by Brass Token and published by Prime Matter will arrive on November 3rd on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

It will invite us to follow a certain Jess Briars. Having begun a spiritual retreat by joining a sect, she will however be upset by disastrous events… to which her group will have greatly contributed. Because of one of their rituals, a passageway to another dimension has been opened and, as a result, a bunch of creatures as weird as scary have poured into their world. Jess, in the midst of a world that is going crazy with these monsters, will be the only bulwark and the only force that will be able to deal with the threat.

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We let you (re)discover all this:

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