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The Company Man, an imminent exit


The Nintendo Switch release date of The Company Man, inspired by The Office series has just been unveiled.

The video game publisher Leoful and Malaysian independent studio Forust announce the launch of the adventure game The Company Man, the January 21, 2022 on Nintendo Switch. A physical edition of the game will also be available in Asia, from January 26. This will only be available at select retailers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other Southeast Asian markets.

The Company Man is an action platform game inspired by the classic American television series The Office. You embody Jim, a young employee newbie at the Good Water Company. Dissatisfied with the way the business is run, Jim sets out to overthrow his boss and become CEO. Launch waves of attacks by e-mail against colleagues with a powerful keyboard, browse the different departments, from human resources to marketing and boost yourself with coffee beans and show them who’s boss!

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Explore a variety of beautiful hand-painted environments – from the air-conditioned icy floors of accounting to endless mountains of paperwork in human resources. This game is a tasty mix of fun, adventure and humor.

The Company Man was presented to PAX Online Indie Showcase 2021 and is one of the honorable mentions on the list Forbes of the 10 best indie games in 2021.

The game is currently for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop which offers a 10% introductory discount. This offer will end on January 30. While waiting for the release of The Company Man, scheduled for January 21, you can discover the free demo and play Jim, working in customer service.

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