Home News The crazy Metroidvania Cookie Cutter is announced for 2023

The crazy Metroidvania Cookie Cutter is announced for 2023


Cookie Cutter, an action-packed Metroidvania with a peculiar universe, is slated for release sometime next year.

Rogue Game publisher and developer Subcult Joint just announced cookie cuttera hand-drawn Metroidvania where action seems to be the key word.

So giving pride of place to the action, the game described as “techno-pop-punk” will feature the android named Cherry. Carried away by anger, she will have to fight her way through many enemies, in order to achieve her goal: to find her creator, Doctor Shinji Fallon.

A game with various inspirations

At the sight of its first images, Cookie Cutter seems to offer a rather crazy universe. The humor will be permanent there, at least that’s how the title is presented, which promises us some rather wacky situations. What is not really difficult to conceive it, because, such as one sees it, the atmosphere wanted by its creators seems fully convincing. The game looks crazy. But, not only, it also promises dynamism and a certain violence. Isn’t it with a chainsaw that we see our heroine?

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In short, it’s a not very healthy world that apparently takes its inspiration from various sources: Tarantino’s films, Lovecraft’s literature or even a whole section from manga production. We’ll find out all about it next year.

The game is indeed planned for 2023without a specific date, and seems to be exclusive to a PC (Steam) release.

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