Home News The demo of a new Gex game has just appeared

The demo of a new Gex game has just appeared


While the license could return to new generation consoles, a user has unveiled a prototype of a game never announced before.

While the return of the gecko is possible following a brand renewal for the famous franchise of the Saturn, Square Enix, which made the operation, has not yet announced a new title. But on Youtube, user justz00t posted a video of a previously unreleased game from Gex.

According to the author of this capture, it is a demo for the PlayStation (first of the name) of a game planned around Gex Jr. The rushes were found on an old CD-R dated January 25, 2001. A date that would reveal that the studio wanted to make a direct sequel to the first title.

The prototype image has been archived on the Internet library, and therefore available for download for allwith crucial information: the orders.

  • Press Start to view the model.
  • Press Circle for tongue attack.
  • Press Triangle to fart.
  • Press Square to spin the tail.
  • Press Cross to jump.

Abe, Gex Jr, same energy.

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